Subtask created through API are displayed both as task and subtask in board

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We’re encountering a display issue for subtasks created through the API.

See example below:

As displayed here, we have subtasks of task “Photoshoot emanuël-josé Jérêmie Scott-bêle d’outremël (Hannut,Liège)” appearing both as subtask and as main task, which create confusion.

It is not duplicated task (ID of the subtask and tasks are the same).

When creating manually a subtask in the task “Photoshoot emanuël-josé Jérêmie Scott-bêle d’outremël (Hannut,Liège)”, we do not have this behaviour.
Therefore, it’s probably not a question of board configuration, but rather something with the way the subtasks are created through the API.

Any idea what may cause this ?

Thank you,

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(french version will follow!)

Your subtasks has an assignee, and is also linked to the project. That’s why you see it as a task. Subtasks without tag, assignee, or project, can only be seen under the parent task.

Votre sous-tâche a un “assigné”, et elle a aussi été reliée au projet. Donc, elle apparaît directement sous les tâches pour cet assigné, et dans le projet. Pour qu’une sous-tâche soit “invisible”, elle doit juste être reliée au parent (tâche maître), et à rien d’autre.

Thanks a lot. By removing the link to project, works perfectly !