Subtask Actual Time not adding up to the Parent task's

Hi Melissa and Stephanie, sorry for the delay. It looks like there was some confusion, and as Ashish mentioned, it seems that we have a couple different problems here:

1- Rollups taking too long to update: this is the issue Ainhoa was referring to when she said we were working on a fix, and I believe this is what @Trisha_Saromines was experiencing. Our developers have since implemented a fix for this specific issue, but let me know if you are still seeing this behavior.

2- Rollups not working when sorting the view: this is very similar to the issue reported in Show Calculated Time Estimate on parent tasks in board view.
According to our developers, the automatically calculated value that you will see in the parent task in List view are purely visual, and will not be visible in any other view. This is the expected behavior and they’ve filed as an opportunity for future improvements.

It’s very likely that the same behavior when you change to board view applies to sorting in list view, so the rollups wouldn’t appear, but I’ve asked our Developers to clarify so we can understand if it’s indeed a bug or product limitation.

Apologies for all the confusion. I’ll keep you posted!

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