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I currently keep track of learning events (which, on a virtual level, has exploded since COVID) that our staff or grantees may have an interest in on a shared spreadsheet, but I’m looking for a better way to handle this. Most staff members don’t have (or, frankly, don’t take) the time to review it with any regularity, if at all (and I update it 2-3 times a week). I understand that there are often topics that not everyone is interested in and, even though I have some high-demand topics color-coded, most people count on me to email them when I think they or their grantees may have an interest in an event, but I simply don’t have the bandwidth for that. Further, even with the color-coding there are plenty of events that cover multiple topics and the conditional formatting will only pick up one topic.

That being said, I thought Asana might be a good way to log the events, and I could add as many custom tags as necessary to any given event. I was hoping there was a way that a user could “subscribe” to a tag (e.g., receive email notification when a new item with that tag appears), which would push these events to interested people when I add them, instead of my having to manually manage which of hundreds of potential events dozens of staff members might have an interest in.

Bottom line: is it possible to get email notifications for a tag?

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Hey @Mary_Capps, welcome to the Asana community forum :partying_face:

Asana is definitely a great option to get rid of all the spreadsheets as I know this can get quite messy :smiley:

Here are the notifications you can set up: Email notifications | Product guide • Asana
So you cannot subscribe to tags per see but there are some nice reporting features. Also I am not sure if it is really best to sort per tags in your case and not custom fields or separate projects.

So for example whoever needs to receive updates for a specific event you can add them to the relevant task.

Or depending on how many tasks you have per event you might want to consider a project per event.
You can also use custom fields (from premium plan upwards) to further filter and organize things.

There are various possibilities on how to set this up.
In the end it really depends how it works best for you, whether project per event, one task per event and you add followers and so on.

You can also find various project templates and tips online such as Event Planning Template - Checklist, Timeline & Budget • Asana, How to plan and manage an event | Product guide • Asana,

You can also set up reports based on specific tags selected, more info here: Using search & advanced search in Asana | Product guide • Asana and you can also create graphs: Reporting • Asana

And here is a thread you might be interested to upvote: Dashboard/report tasks by tag in a project

Hope that helps

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