Submit your app by December 17th to the App Components Beta

Hey developers!

We appreciate your continued interest and work on our newest platform feature, App Components. This new set of capabilities enables you to publish apps that end users can use inside Asana’s UI. Asana users can see these apps and choose to install them on projects from our new in-product App Gallery. Be part of the first round of externally created apps to be published in this gallery by submitting your app built with App Components by December 17th, 2021.

Once submitted we will put apps through our review process and aim to to publish in early 2022. We will coordinate with you on a date before publishing.

To submit your app:

  1. Finish your app with components. Reminder that the form to create is here!

  2. If you need help, be sure to sign up for DevRel office hours!

  3. Test your app. Check out our documentation for testing guidelines and security checklist

  4. Submit your app for Asana to review by 12/17/21. We will review your app and then coordinate with you on a date before publishing.

  5. Create or update your app directory listing by filling out this form. This will update the listing for your app on Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana. Customers of Asana find out about all our apps here, be sure to talk about what your app can do now that you’ve added components.

We look forward to seeing your apps completed by December 17th! Please share any questions you have in our forum or in our Slack channel. Happy building!


PM at Asana


Can’t wait to see what the community is going to build!


@Katy_McCreery there’s one thing I am confused about, which is how you can start coding. In order to have App Component enabled for my app, I need to submit the big form with all the logos and marketing stuff? That seems backward, I am not even sure I want to build something, I just want to test the waters… Thanks

This is exciting news :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up.

Hi Bastien! Thank you for your feedback and follow-up! Your comments echo what we heard from some of the developers who were part of our Alpha. We currently are working on an experience where it will be much easier to add and edit this information from the developer console. This will allow you to add information at your own pace. For the time being we need all this information in order to create an app on the developer’s behalf. Hope that helps provide some clarity, and gives a little insight into the updates you can expect to see in the near term!


Can I provide dummy info for logos and descriptions etc just in order to start coding? I’ll provide the necessary info when ready.