How to test app components before publishing app

Hi, We are doing integration of our app with asana. We want to use app components like Ziflow but couldn’t find any way to test app components before publishing app. Even in developer sandbox our created app is not present in internal apps only one example app is showing.

Any idea how can we check functionality of app components before publishing our app?


@John_Vu @John_Baldo

Hi @Sanjana_Singh

While not a complete solution to your query, I would suggest looking into the UI Builder to help test out app components.

I got it to work, and did again yesterday, by following the documentation… Maybe something’s broken :thinking:

In the app settings, did you specifically make it available for your org? do you want to share screenshots of your app settings? (without the client id and secret)

I’ve added app details including app name, oauth details, and app components at developer console but I’m unable to see my app in internal apps. I couldn’t figure out the way to do so.
Right now, I’m able to do basic integration using oauth redirect url present at developer console but I can’t test my app components as they are not getting displayed.

Can you screenshot the “Manage distribution” page?

Sure, I’ve made it available for all workspaces.

There’s the problem, I think. That will only work once you submit your app and Asana reviews, approves and publishes your app. For testing, you should just use one of your workspaces and the top option.