Join our App Components closed Beta

Hi! Katy here from the API Product team at Asana. We’ve got an update to share about the App Components project.

First, thank you to those of you that joined the Alpha program for Asana Platform UI, now called App Components. We learned so much from the Alpha program. The feedback was incredibly valuable to us as we transition to closed Beta and prepare for the public launch in early 2022!

Before App Components become available to all developers early next year, we are inviting a small group of developers to be part of our closed Beta. This group will have the opportunity to be the first 3rd-party apps published to our in-product app gallery and will also be considered to be featured in an Asana Engineering blog post.

Joining the closed Beta

  • We plan to publicly launch App Components in early 2022. Apps submitted prior to December 1st 2021 will be considered for the closed Beta group.
  • Let us know you are interested in publishing your app by signing up [NOW CLOSED]
    • If you’ve already built an app, we will send you a follow up email to talk about your app and kickstart the Security Review and QA process.
    • If you haven’t started building your app yet, no worries! You can still participate. Let us know you’re interested by filling out the form above, then check out our new Quick Start Guide for building App Components.

We’re so excited you’re building with Asana and we can’t wait to see what you create. Leave any questions in the comments!


1. What does “closed” Beta mean?
Closed Beta means that we are not accepting all submissions to be included in the in-product app gallery for the launch. The process to create apps will continue to be tightly managed by Asana throughout the closed Beta. This will change once we transition to “public” Beta. In a “public” Beta, all developers will be able to use App Components and submit their app for review from within the Developer Console.

2. What does Security Review and QA consist of?
Once you’ve submitted your app, Asana’s Security team will review the app and do internal QA to ensure it’s working as expected. Over the coming months, we will publish guidelines and resources on how to prepare for QA to help developers QA their own apps.

3. If I already have an app with Asana, what will this mean for me?
Developers who already have an app with Asana will need to resubmit their app (or create a new app) so that we can review the new App Component functionality.


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Hi @Katy_McCreery ,
This is awesome thanks for sharing.
I’m curious - what is the plan for existing apps on the Asana apps page? Will that still exist even as the App Components are fully rolled out?

Hi Ben!

For the existing apps page on Asana, I think you are referring to: Asana Apps and Integrations • Asana, right? This will still exist! Maybe it would help to think about App Components more of a feature of apps rather than an entirely new app type or way that apps work at Asana. This feature is additive to our platform and it will make it possible for end users to interact with apps directly from tasks or rules if a developer chooses.

Please let me know if I can help answer more questions or if my answer didn’t adequately address your concern.

Thank you,

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Thanks @Katy_McCreery ! Yes, that is the Apps Page I was referring to.
So no reason to resubmit the app until there are additional updates that utilize the App Components feature, correct?

Hi Katy, we are following the quick started guide but we don’t see the example app in our developer sandbox, can you help us out, or tell me who should I ask.

I am so sorry to see this very late! Are you still not seeing the example app in your sandbox? Maybe @AndrewWong can help consult on this if you are still running into an issue. Thanks!

Hi @Katy_McCreery -
I realize the private beta of App Components is closed and in full swing - for those like myself eager to try out the new functionality, is there an open beta available or coming soon? Apologies if this is posted somewhere I failed to notice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thank you.

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Hi @pmatern! App Components is now in open beta. Navigate to the App Components API Documentation and this blog post to learn more!

To learn more about our developer offerings and get a deep dive on best practices for App Components, join us for a live webinar:

  • Register for the March 24 webinar at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm GMT
  • Register for the March 24 webinar at 4pm PDT / 8am JST (+1) / 10am AEDT (+1)