Workflow Apps: the next big thing since sliced toast

Welcome to the App Components Beta!

We’re really excited to bring some features to Asana that we hope will enable apps to connect ever more closely with our customers. These include enabling apps to put data into Asana’s UI, hooking into our automation engine, and acting “as the app” in the comments stream in tasks and in setting up custom fields on tasks in Asana. We have a lot of exciting things we’re looking at!

What should you do first?

Check out the App Components docs if you haven’t already. Our goal is for the docs to contain everything a developer needs to get started building an App Component.

How to communicate?

Feel free to post new questions or discussions here / direct message people as needed. We will post announcements here (things like schema changes, new functionality, etc), so it may be a good idea to modify your notifications to your preference in the top right.

Note about App Creation

The App Submission process is manual right now. Once you’re ready to submit an app, you’ll fill out a form with all of the data for your app (ie: name, where your endpoints are, etc.). This form assigns a task to my team, who will enable the Workflow App functionality in your workspace and create the app for you.

The turn-around time for this is ~2 days, as we need to wait for a production deploy before you’re ready to go.

When you need to make updates to your app, you will need to submit the same form, and mark that you’re making updates. We will treat these as a PATCH.


Sounds great - I’m on it.

Oh, wow! This is a huge bonus I didn’t even realize was part of this initiative - this is something we talked about several years ago and would make my Flowsana customers very happy!

I’ve submitted my first Workflow App Submit Form!

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