Submit multiple tickets to JIRA from Asana integration

Our projects are managed out of Asana and when it comes to tech support, we submit JIRA tickets.
I like the Asana - JIRA integration.
Sometimes, due to some processes we have I would like to link several tickets from JIRA to the asana task.
One JIRA ticket could be for the development part and another JIRA ticket could be for further support / amendments.

It would be great to have visibility on both within asana and give stakeholders the ability to submit 2 tickets for JIRA from within the asana task.


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@ambforumleader can you please give this feedback some TLC.
Thank you all!!

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A workaround might be to use two project layers.

The front project has all of the tickets, and has a rule that multi-homes all tickets that get the “jira-ticket” label to project two.

The back protect has the Jira synchronisation. It also should multi-home new tickets to the front project.

Create two kinds of tasks templates, one with the syncrhonisation label that should trigger the rule, and one without.

Now when you want to group two tickets, create a new task without the synchronisation that will house the tickets, and convert the two tickets into sub-tasks of the tickets.

Front project will have task + two tickets as subtasks.
Back project and Jira will have just the two tickets.

Does that solve your problem?

Or perhaps the other way around is more logical, use a custom field value that prevents syncrhonisation of the mother task. Then you could do with one task template that contains that label, that you only use for tasks that will house other tasks.