Integration that connects multiple issues to 1 Asana task

I’m looking at different ticketing systems and how they integrate with Asana.

We use Asana as CRM, and we want to connect multiple tickets/issues to one Asana task - so multiple tickets and will be connected to a single Asana task - which acts as an Account.

So far, I looked at Jira and FreshDesk and saw that only the other way around is possible - you can only link multiple Asana tasks to a single Jira/FreshDesk issue. With Jira, you can connect a single ticket to am Asana task. To connect multiple tickets, you need to create Subtasks - which is not elegant because you can’t see all your tickets at a glance, and clients need to name each Subtask.

Do you know of a ticketing tool + integration that meet this requirement?