Import/sync/populate existing tickets from Jira to Asana?

Hey there,

I just installed the Jira Cloud Data Sync Integration for Asana, and it’s a nice integration that will definitely help create more transparency between tech and non-tech teams!

Here’s how I set it up:

  • I connected one (new) Asana project to an (existing) Jira project.
  • I set up a one-way sync from Jira to Asana for creation and updates.
  • I created a ticket in Jira, and it successfully synced to Asana :raised_hands:

The existing Jira project already has a lot of tickets. Is there a way to import, sync, or populate these existing tickets into Asana?

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance!

I did a few tests with a client and we realised that tasks in Asana did not have an initial sync and we had to apply a change in Jira so the sync would occur. Maybe that’s the same thing in your case: change something in Jira (like change a column back and forth), maybe it will sync in Asana?

Thank you very much, Bastien! Maybe I’ll try this for the “important” tickets. It would be a bit too much work to manually change all tickets :sweat_smile:

It would be so great if the integration allowed you to choose whether to only sync new tickets or also perform an initial sync with all existing tickets.

I already raised the issue to the appropriate team I believe there are looking at it

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Any update on this? I am also seeing this issue - we are a new Asana customer but have many existing Jira projects and it will be laborious to manually change all of the jira tickets in order for them to appear in Asana.

btw - changing the column didn’t work, maybe some other change might but that did not work for me

I did not hear anything, but it doesn’t mean nothing was done :person_shrugging: