Structure for Design Projects

I’m trying to set up my workspace and am running into a small problem. I feel like I’m not utilizing Asana the best way for this. I have two design projects to complete a week. Both are totally different projects with the same tasks. I set it up as a project with subtasks and have just duplicated the project for each design I have. However, with two a week, that is going to get unmanageable. I thought to create a new workspace for the design projects but then they wouldn’t populate with the other workspace calendar (to my knowledge).

I also want these project due dates to repeat. I want every week to roll over where I create new design project 1 and new design project 2. But I want to be able to track which designs have been created.

I’m not exactly sure if I’ve explained this well and am happy to provide any clarification necessary.

My question is - how the heck is the best way to set up these tasks? Project A and Project B to repeat weekly with subtasks… I only have free asana so can’t create a template. Any help is appreciated!



Try not to use subtasks too much.

Are you on Premium? If you are, use templates instead.

Unless the projects only last a couple of days. Then you can archive them and you’ll be fine.

Zapier might be able to do such a thing.

My overall feeling is that you need professional help to go over your setup, and a few answers on the forum might not be enough. Feel free to contact me or any other Certified Pro for help.

Take care!

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