Stop Timer from Pop-Up in Asana

Currently, when using the timer, it’s not possible to stop it directly from the pop-up. Instead, we’re redirected to the specific task page, and then we have to find and click the stop button. This extra step can be quite cumbersome and disrupts workflow.

On the Asana product homepage, one of the key features mentioned is, “Increase efficiency across departments and tools on a single platform and automate workflows to get more done in less time.” Allowing users to stop the timer directly from the pop-up would align with this goal by reducing unnecessary clicks and improving efficiency.

Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 09.23.21


Agree, also, if it’s possible to make the tab show the timer so we’ll know that a timer is actively running, similar to Clockify.
Sometimes I forget to turn off the timer as I continue to move through different open tabs, so this feature can be helpful