Time-Keeping Software That Automatically Triggers When Switching Tasks

Is there a time-tracking tool that automatically starting tracking when an Asana task is opened and stops tracking when it is closed?

My concern is that I open and close tasks randomly, that it would be hard to remember to constantly click a timer button.


Hey @Earl_White,

I recommend having a look here: Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison

I am sure you will find the right timing tool there :smiley:
For example Everhour might suit you?


@Earl_White great question. I also looked for something similar but have not found anything that could do this.

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I’m not aware of a Time Tracking integration that starts tracking time automatically but adding more Forum Leaders here in case they use any time tracking integration that starts tracking time as soon as you open the task @Jason_Woods, @LEGGO, @Bernie_Orelup, @Rashad_Issa, @Phil_Seeman, @Julien_RENAUD, @lpb, @Kenichi, @Bastien_Siebman, @leonarce, @Charlie_Pilch, @Matt_Dickinson, @ShunS @Masanori_Misawa @Christine_Bolton @Soumyadeep_Mandal @LenSantos @Denis_Sooma @Silvan @Daniel_Frischknecht @Asad @Luke_Thompson @Brandi_White

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Toggl has a feature that will track time for anything you have open for more than 10 seconds. In combination with its auto tracking – it may work for you.


Wow! It had already integrated to Asana. I’ll try it.


I’ve been using Timely for years and love this product.
Timely tracks every app/ file activities with its helper desktop app, named Memory.
It means you can track everything what you do on your PC (or mac) .
You don’t have to switch tasks on Asana.


Thanks all for sharing! This is really helpful!

This is really helpfull