Fast time tracking when switching tasks

I just discovered where the Pomodoro timer is, it’s in the menu bar! Amazing!

And for 1 minute I was so happy that I could switch fast between tracking time on my tasks. Yet was I only to discover it was a pomodoro timer and no option to really track the time.

Since I could not find much about this feature or use case I decided to share my daily use case.

We are an agency that work with the time tracking capabilities of Asana. Since then, our billable hours are more accurate. :partying_face:

Now personally I use GTD as a technique to get my work done. So I try to do a couple of tasks a day that really need to be done. It would be great if I could just start and stop the timer of the task from the app icon in the menu bar.

This would result in no need to open Asana when focussing on the task and even more easy to track the time.

In imho the pomodoro timer should be a separate feature since I take a 5 min break to distance myself a bit from the work to get an overview again. Thus I’m still busy working on the task.

Does anyone recognise this?