Enable Pomodoro Timers with Time tracking

Asana is in a great position to add Pomodoro Timers to the recently introduced time tracking feature. Like many people I love working with timers, they really do boost focus and productivity. If you have never heard of the Pomodoro Technique it means starting a focused work session on a task for a set time (e.g. 25 mins) followed by a short break (5 min), followed by the next work session.

How would it work with Asana?
When a timer is started, there’s a notification after for example 25 minutes to take a break and the timer stops. Then after taking a break it can be resumed by starting another 25 minute session.
The work time and break time should be customizable (I personally love to work with 50:10 min).
The timer counting down should be easily visible while working to boost focus.


Yes please

I saw in my settings the ability to have the timer make a noise or not when the time was over-- but can’t find where I can turn it on.

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And ideally it would be combined with the pomodoro timer that the desktop app has (here’s a comment on that in another thread).