[Launched] Time Tracking Entries

I was previously using Harvest to track time on tasks and then an automation in Make that would trigger off a time entry being added to populate fields on the task so having a built in timer to replace a whole separate subscription is really helpful. I’m fortunate that I didn’t rely on the reporting and granularity Harvest provided.

Once thing I am going to miss in the menu bar app for Harvest. I see that Asana’s menu bar item can now be turned off and that it has a built in pomodoro timer, if I can throw in my 2c I’d love for there to be a marriage between the pomodoro timer and the new time tracking feature. Please bring time tracking abilities [Stop, Restart, Edit, Delete] to the menu bar!

I was just about to start working on an app to replace this functionality but as time entries are only created after the timer stops it isn’t possible with the current implementation.