Feature Request: Task Sticky Window and Integrated Timer.

Dear Asana Community,

I’m reaching out to propose the integration of two essential features into Asana:
Task Sticky Window and Integrated Timer.

The Task Sticky Window would provide a constant reminder of the current task on-screen, mitigating the loss of focus caused by numerous tabs and distractions. Meanwhile, the Integrated Timer would allow for seamless tracking of task durations within the platform, facilitating improved time management and insightful productivity analysis.

Your support through upvotes and comments is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Hi Lilly - the actual time custom field is an integrated timer to time the tasks.

But the task sticky window, do you mean keeping the task pane up while switching projects etc

Hey Danielle,
I really struggle with finishing one task without starting 3 other things. My attention span is really low and after switching multiple tasks and checking emails I forget which task I’m working on. That’s why I put small post its to my screen until I finish this task. Having two monitors with one only showing my asana task also works, but I don’t always have my second monitor with me. I would love to see a feature where my Asana Task in the top right corner staying open no matter what program or browser I’m using tracking the time that I’ve already spend with this task.