Still no option to handle time goal?

In Asana we can track goals.
Here some basic information:

The asana goal planing function still have no option to track time goal?
For example a project get 100H budget for next 3 months. This is very general and very daily business for project manager.

Now we track hours.
What the manager of project will see? Yes… We hit the time limit already or not?!
But that is no possible. How to do this?

I also checked the native time tracking from asana, and they also cant handle that (confirmed by asana support). Maybe somebody have an idea here? we have feeling to work in a very simple and very outdated software. :frowning: I never worked in project management tool like asana before. We came from another tool and we are so frustrated that we migrate all projects to asana now. :frowning:

We stuck with support in basics they only reply “workflows” because its not possible…