Status updates are clearing/disappearing

The status bubble at the top right of a project seems to be clearing and prompting back to the “set status” state after a couple of months. The status and status history is still visible in the Progress tab, but the bubble shows as blank instead of green/yellow/red even if the project has been assigned a status. My team uses these as a quick reference to the status of a project (trip), so having them clear after a couple of months is a serious inconvenience and it is a hassle to track down these “expired” statuses and reassign them. Is there any way to keep this from happening and simply have the status permanent once assigned unless it is changed?

Hi @Amanda_Guercio, welcome to the Forum, and I’m sorry to hear that you are running into issues. The last update added should remain in the project until a new update is added. Would you be so kind as to reach out to our Support Team directly? They will have more tools to investigate this issue further.

Please include in your message:

  • The link to this thread, so you don’t have to repeat everything;
  • A screenshot of the Status Update page, showing the entire window, including the URL bar

Also, please confirm if this issue is affecting other projects in your Organization or only a particular one.

I hope this helps, Amanda! :slight_smile:

Thank you Vanessa, I have put in a ticket.

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