Status updates are clearing/disappearing (red, yellow or green)

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Exactly as described in this link here:

Status bubble not showing, although if you click progress you can see the status.

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Chrome; specifically Version 86.0.4240.111

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Hi @Chris_Low, thanks for reaching out! I’ve investigated this further and our team confirmed this is currently working as expected. When the last status update occurred more than 13 weeks ago, we mark it as stale and doesn’t make it show up on top bar. Our team is aware of this request and we will consider it in future updates for the status update. Thanks for sharing your feedback!

Let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:

Hi Emily. Thanks for the prompt response. I was not aware of the 13 weeks status clearing. I am guessing there is not option to turn it off and have the status remain the same until another update is made?

As the status bubble helps our team to view at quick glance, is there another option for the time being? i’ve looked around, and its very effective for us to quickly click on a project to see if its on track or not.

Thanks for getting back to me @Chris_Low! As it stands, it’s currently not possible to disable this option. As a workaround, you can create a recurring task as a reminder to update the project status every 10 or 12 days so the red, yellow or green bubble always appear in your project status.