Statistics by project

Hello! We use projects for onboarding new employees. Is there any way to upload some kind of statistics on project progress? It would be great not to open every separate project and check if all tasks are marked complete, but, for example, to have a list of onboarding projects and their completion status in % in excel.

Hello @Kseniia_Erzh,

have you checked Asana Portfolio already?

This will give you an overview :slight_smile:

Creating Reports and Charts might also be helpful

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Hi Andrea, thank you for the advice, a portfolio report is a good idea. Maybe you know how you can add 500+ current onboarding projects to one portfolio at a time?

As far as I am aware this is not possible at the moment.

You might want to upvote here: Add multiple Projects to Portfolio at once

The limit is currently 250 projects per portfolio.