Starting Asana trial phase - rules do not work

we just started to use Asana (small company, currently two users). Currently we are in the trial phase.
I have started to set up custom rules, but no matter what rule I create, none of them is firing.

E.g. I set up rules for “My task” according to this YouTube video (How To Customize Your Asana My Tasks Using a New Board View and Custom Rules Setup - YouTube), but neither when I enter a task with a due date nor when the date changes at 12 pm is any of the tasks moved to the target section.

What could be wrong? Do rules not work during trial phase?


Hellp @ChristianeN. Sorry to hear about the troubles with the rules.
Is is possible to add a screenshot of the rules in question. This could help with giving more info on the setup and possible solutions.

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Hello @Paul_Grobler ,

thank you for your quick feedback. It turned out that the rules do get triggered, but that I had to give them more time to be executed. I checked last night shortly after midnight and nothing had happened. Now when I checked this morning the rules were executed around 1 a.m. later in the night. :grinning:

I was a bit too eager to get the new system up and running.