Start dates on personal tasks



I’m currently part of both premium and free teams on Asana. When I create a task as part of a project on a premium team I can add a start date, but when I create a task under “My tasks” it prompts me to upgrade to premium before adding a start date. If I’m already paying to be part of the premium team, how can I add use this feature on my personal tasks?


Hey @Nate_Holland

This is a great question & one our user operations team gets quite often.

Spaces are upgraded to premium, not individuals. For this reason, in order for this Task to gain premium functionality, it needs to be “housed” in a Project within your premium space.

If your whole Workspace or Organization is premium, the disconnect here is that your “My Tasks” space is not actually a Project, but an amalgam of Tasks that have been assigned to you.

This means that in order for those Tasks to gain Premium functionality you need add those Tasks to a Project in a premium space. Use the Tab+P shortcut to add this Task to a Project. Once you do so, you’ll be able to apply premium features to your Tasks, including start dates.

Hope this clarifies things a bit more!


Thank you for the quick response Michael. Unfortunately that’s a huge disappointment. Though we frequently use projects to create tasks, most of us rely heavily on personal tasks unrelated to a project to schedule out our days. Having a start date is really important to our team leader, who we are still trying to teach to use Asana. Do you think this is a feature that will be added in the near future or have any work arounds to suggest?

Thank you,


Hi @Nate_Holland

I had the same problem as you. In fact, it confused me so much at first that I contacted support thinking it was a bug! To get around it, I just created a project called ‘My Tasks2’. Any time I want to allocate a start date to a task that sits outside of a project in my Team, I just add it to My Tasks2 and it’s all good.

Hope that helps.