My Tasks - Change Assignee - Start Date

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: when you create a task in My Tasks, and then assign it to someone else, “start date” becomes a “premium” feature

Steps to reproduce: create a task in the view “My Tasks.” Assign it to someone else. Try to set a time span “start date” and this becomes an editable “Premium Feature.”

Browser version: chrome

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Marcie_Kelliher ,

Not sure what the bug is that you’re pointing to here? Start date is in fact an Asana Premium feature, not available in the Free version:

Unless you’re saying you’re already on and paying for Premium?


Hi @Marcie_Kelliher,
Could it be that you are in a Premium team or devision, while the other person (the new assignee) is on a free (Basic) plan?