Start date not working

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I can’t set a start date on a task.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Unlike the screenshot in the asana documentation (Start Dates and Start Times • Asana), the date picker field is specifically labelled “due date.”
  2. When I try to set a start date, it looks initially like it’s working, with the “start date” field in the calendar drop-down window populated (see Screenshot 1 in the image below; all screenshots are in the one image file).
  3. When I click “done,” the field reverts to just showing a due date (Screenshot 2).
  4. When I open the calendar drop-down back up, the start date field is empty (Screenshot 3).

Browser version: Firefox 72 on Windows 10

Upload screenshots below:

Can you screenshot what it looks like when you have more dates selected? Assuming, you wanted to create a start date in March? Right now your screenshots show you are starting and stopping on the same date.

Actually, I did want Start and Due Date to match (alternatively, I don’t need a Due Date at all) because this particular task will not take a full day and should be started and completed on April 1st. I tested it out with more dates selected and it works fine.

As you’ve discovered, Asana doesn’t support having a start and due date be on the same day - if you enter it that way, Asana erases the start date and leaves the due date set to that day. That’s just the way they chose to have it work. :slight_smile:

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They chose to have it work so that tasks that only take one day to complete can’t be scheduled? That’s an interesting choice! Thanks for clarifying that it’s not a bug, though. I’ll head over to the feedback forum…

Just wanted to validate your frustration by saying that this is absolutely shit and will be the reason that I won’t be using Asana.

There’s a forum post about this from 2017, so I’m really surprised that Asana hasn’t cottoned onto this yet.