SSO Integration - Salesforce & Asana



I am looking for any documentation on SSO based integration between Asana & Salesforce. Document that details the flow of data / integration process and that highlights the data points for integration should help. [ Preferably, delegated authentication SSO ]

Appreciate your support!

Thank you.


Hi @Akhil_Karanam,

Asana supports SAML 2.0 and Salesforce has a page for describing how to set this up here, are these the kind of things you’re looking for?

If so, there are a couple of relevant configuration settings that you will need to have handy:

If you’re not looking for information on how to how to tie Asana and Salesforce together directly, but rather looking to build your own SSO solution (something like what Okta provides), that gets more complex and I’d recommend starting by brushing up on what SAML is and how it works - as always, Wikipedia is a great “look here first” resource to find links to the standard and an overview of the flow.


Hi Matt,

Thank you for your response, it helps to get started. My primary focus would be to tie Asana & Salesforce.