Specific project roles within a master template

A typical process we would set up in Asana will have the project roles assigned as :

Client representative
Project officer
Design Manager
Design SME

Question: When setting up rules we can assign to the various team member , however can we assign the specific project role? Ie. Design SME. This would keep that role locked in within the template?
Or is this something we can only update specifically when setting up the project (in real time).

Welcome, @matt_collingwood,

I’m afraid that’s the case with roles in project templates, unfortunately.

Another option is not to use the built-in roles feature and effectively replace it with a single-select custom field. At anytime after project instantiation from the template, you can sort by this field, multi-select tasks, then assign batches at once (up to 50 each) to the designee. After you’ve assigned out the last role, remove the custom field from the instantiated project.



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I may have misinterpreted your question, so my apologies in advance if I am. Are you always trying to have specific tasks always assigned to the same person? If so, you can just assign the task to that person instead of assigning it to a role.


Thats a good idea Larry- appreciate your response and advice.

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