Specific notification question

I can’t for the life of me find the place to post this question, but one of my Team’s members has taken on the project creation responsibility, and she is getting emails for each project that say
" Your project is ready for teammates. Forward this email to share your project. Anyone from FR+A can use the link below to join."
and this is something that I have never seen before. The project is created with members already assigned to each of the tasks, so I don’t know why it is prompted to send this notification.
Any light shone on this weird notification, and how we can stop it, would be really appreciated!

Sounds like a new notification indeed. I am guessing she is creating from a template, and because it takes time, Asana tells them the project is ready to be used… @Rebecca_McGrath am I correct?

Hi @Jack_Freeman, could you please confirm if this notification is in the Inbox or is a pop-up notification?

It came through email to the employee who used the template that I created. I have never gotten this notification through email or on the app or anything like that.

Hi @Jack_Freeman, thanks for following up. I’ve tried to dig into this but it doesn’t look like we have rolled out any new notification types recently.

I’d suggest reaching out to our Support team with the URL to the project so they can look into what caused this email to be sent a little further.

i hope this helps!

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