Projects brief notifications

I’m having problems with the project brief. I expected that if someone is mentioned there he gets a notification, but this doesn’t happen. Am I making a mistake?

Hi @Vincenzo_Piscopo, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! :wave:t2:

Great question! I can confirm that notifications are sent to those assigned a project role only. Mentioning a user in the “How we’ll collaborate” section will not prompt a notification!

I hope this helps clarify! :slight_smile:

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath, It’s a pleasure to be in this community, thank you very much.
I try to be more specific in order to understand better:

  1. What do you mean with “project role”? Do they have to be into the overview under the section “Project Roles” or should I give them a role like contributor or approver?
  2. If a guest has a role in a project, can he receive the notifications like the team member assigned?
  3. Are the considerations I did still valid for the section “Key Resources” or are there any differences?

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