Sorting tasks with and without due dates


I have been using Asana for a couple of years but mostly just for personal task management and delegating tasks to team members.

I primarily use Outlook for my daily calendar and task management. What I like about Outlook for tasks is that I can drag and drop them throughout my day, mixed in with other calendar appointments. That helps me allocate time for each task and also prioritize important tasks throughout the day.

What I have found with Asana is that I can have 25 tasks due today, but when I go to “my tasks” and sort by due date, or create a unique search with tasks assigned to me and due today, I just get the entire list of daily tasks. Then I have to read and re-read the list of tasks over and over to complete the highest priority tasks in order.

I have read some other Asana forum posts that talk a little about this, and I have tried different filters and sorting differently, but can’t seem to find something that works for me.

What I’d like to be able to do is assign tasks with a due date, and then drag and sort tasks by priority.

Any successful work-arounds for this?

Separately, I work with different contractors in the field who don’t use Asana. I often will text them a to-do list for the day. I’d like to have their to-do list as separate tasks or subtasks in Asana, but the ability to do a simple copy and paste into text, and have those Asana tasks show up as bullet-point list items, or something like that (rather than Asana hyperlinks).

Any ideas on that front?

Thank you so much!

Welcome, @Todd_Turcotte,

For your My Tasks, what works for most of us includes some automated rules + some manual triage. Many have followed my prescription, which offer flexible options including time blocking, in case that’s what you describe. Just follow the steps and suggestions here:

For your contractors not using Asana, consider two solutions (they’re quite different approaches). The first is using Asana, the second uses Asana2Go (Disclaimer: I’m the creator) which addresses the situation where you are in Asana but you work with folks who are not.

Hope one or more of these three things help; maybe all of them!


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