[HELP] Task Reminders and Reorganizing Tasks

Hi. Could somebody help me? I urgently need to know about these two questions:

1- Asana allows to configure reminders in tasks, like Microsoft Outlook’s tasks?

2- Is it possible to reorganize tasks? I read in Asana’s Help that it is possible, but I can’t doing it.

Thanks a lot!

If you change your sort to “None” you can rearrange the order of tasks regardless of due date, via drag and drop.

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About reminders you can set a due date and then you get a reminder 7 days before and on the due date if I am not mistaken :thinking: I have a doubt… @Julien_RENAUD maybe you know?

From the inbox, you can create a reminder task, which behave like a task assigned to you and thus it appears in your MyTasks. You can set up a due date, and the task will automatically move from later to upcoming (7 days before due date) and to today (on due date).
Does that help?