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I know this has been brought up, but since I have been (made) using asana for years now and it still won’t support my daily effort to prioritize my tasks properly, I would just like to strengthen the group of those willing to prioritize tasks in their asana. Otherwise, I make screenshots about my asana and the daily 15-20 tasks in my calendar to put neat numbers on them in my image viewer showing the priority level. Why do I have to use two softwares and spend extra time with just administrating my to-dos? Why can’t I just grab and arrange my tasks in a priority list? Why does it take over 5 minutes to find how to give product feedback? Asana should support, not rule.

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@Kinga_Szekely, What are you trying to do exactly–what do you mean by “prioritizing” exactly? From the sound of it, you want a priority number next to each task. You can do that in My Tasks with Tags (Tab+T). People often use tags like P1, P2, P3. And you can drag and drop them. just put all your tasks within the Today section so that Asana will never move the for auto-task promotion.

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@Marie, You marked my last post here as a Solution and liked it, but isn’t this now impossible, in fact, with the new My Tasks spreadsheets view rolling out now? I’ve unmarked it as a solution; there is none now.



Sorry but i use calendar view, where a drag and drop arrangement order of tasks is impossible. Prioritizing means arranging them in the order of priorities or yes, assigning them numbers, but it’s better if the most important tasks are on the top of the list and the less important ones at the bottom. A pretty basic thing to do with to-dos, we prioritise them. What you say seems very user-unfriendly and not very helpful for me. Why does it have to be so difficult? Why do i have to do so many actions with tasks to see them in the order of importance? Why does asana want to overrule me?

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You’re correct @lpb, thanks for flagging this! Another alternative would be to create sub-sections in my task to prioritise your task. So you could have something like:

Today (Section)
P1 (Sub-section)
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
P2 (Sub-section)
Task 4
Task 5
P3 (Sub-section)
Task 6
Task 7

@Kinga_Szekely, you’re right, as it stands it is no possible to re-order task from the calendar view. If you haven’t yet I’d recommend upvoting this thread from our #productfeedback category: Reorder tasks in calendar

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Kinga_Szekely
you can also use that integration

  • Prioritize tasks by popular frameworks like RICE, ICE, WSJF, REAN, AARRR, etc.
  • Get a report sorted by priority tasks.
  • 2-way sync will help update Asana tasks within a priority score.
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