Sorting option: Show tasks for selected assignee



Hi all!

Is there any way to show tasks of only one person in a project?

I know it is possible to sort by assignee. But if there are many people and many tasks, it’s a huge bloat. If someone’s on the bottom, it takes time to scroll down there…

I also know that there’s the advanced search. But that does not help, as it does not need show section (so I don’t see under what section the tasks are).

Here’s a screenshot of what I mean. This is how our project looks like. I would like it to look the same way, just filter one person…

If there’s not a way to do it, please take it as a product feedback / suggestion :slight_smile:


I agree, especially after you see how quick/easy it is to filter a project by tag by just clicking on the tag. Now I know that clicking on the tag pulls you out of a single project and shows a filtered view of that tag, summarized by project.

That’s not what Adam appears to be asking for, and I can understand that - as soon as I started using Asana and got my first project setup, I was looking all over for some way to do that. It’s natural. If you’re about to meet with, or have a quick call with, someone on the project (especially someone you’re managing), having a quick/easy way to see all of the tasks/subtasks they are assigned in the project would be AWESOME!

@Adam: thanks for the tip on sorting a project by Assignee. I missed that, which is helpful for now.


Hi team,
Is there any news on this topic? I was hoping to see that we can filter on a person within the board to see who is working on what. I know the same functionality is available for the list version but I would like to see it in the board.