Sorting New Task

I am a newbie. I just added a dozen tasks and gave them all due dates. When I go to “my task” I see all of these new task listed randomly at the top. I also see below there is “today”, “upcoming” and “later”.

So, do my new tasks need to manually be moved to “today”, “upcoming” and “later”? That seems very tedious. Is there not a way to automate this? Is this what people really do, create list of tasks that need to be manually moved to the chronological position?

That is not efficient at all. Please, let me know what I am doing wrong. I want to add a task and have it show up in “today”, “upcoming” and “later”. without me having to manually move each one.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @Steve_Vick and welcome to Asana. You are referring to priority sections within My Tasks that is specifically structured to support the auto-promotion feature within Asana. There are some enhancements to My Tasks on the horizon that will likely support the ability to further automate what section a task is assigned when created or changed. Learn more about this here: Upcoming changes coming to My Tasks in Asana and the API! [breaking changes]

In addition to this, you do have the ability to sort My Tasks by Due Date, if you find that helpful.

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Thanks. So the short answer is no, it does not. The long answer is it will take a lot to set this up and then maintain it :frowning:
I may not be at this “level” yet as it seems management of tasks will take longer than the doing of task. I must be too low a paygrade.

I will try some other features you have, but for task management I think I will stick with something more efficient. Thanks for the quick reply.

@Steve_Vick if you ultimate goal is to see My Tasks in a chronological order. You can do that today using the sort function in the top right.

As for automating the placement for tasks within the priority sections (Today, Upcoming and Later), you can’t today BUT should be able to very soon with the forthcoming enhancements that will be available to all users. I don’t believe it will take much at all to setup and maintain it. I suspect that is one of the things the team is working to perfect so it makes sense out of the box.

My advice would be to sit right, I’m confident you will be pleased with the rollout when available.

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