Sorting in Asana

Is there a way to reorder tasks if they are sorted by due date and not by project? Has there been any developments with this issue?

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If you’re sorting by due date, the order will only change if you adjust the due date. A good workaround could be to fiddle with custom fields and sort by custom field if you want to get creative. :slight_smile:

:clap: yes, this would be really help. We have Projects with 100s of tasks sorted by sections and it would be very helpful to be able to sort by due date within them. We have to spend a lot of time each week just to keep asana Projects organized by date manually.


It seems pretty obvious to add this functionality, and a pretty easy one also. One thing i can see that would make Asana hesitate is the interplay with manual sorting. If we should help Asana figure out this issue, what would be a good solution?

Ie. if i sort by fx due date under each section, and for some reason i want to manually put a task with a later due date on top of a task with a earlier due date, what will happen next time i sort by due date? In the most simple implementation of sort by due date under each section, that “manual” adaptation would be lost.

If i had the more power full sorting options mentioned in my original post i do not think i would need the manual, but what do you guys think?


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I would even suggest having small arrows at the top of each sorted list to click on to sort and then click another to sort that sorted list again. You can do this in spreadsheets that are filtered and comes in handy. I would want to search by due date and also by some of my custom fields. Hope this gets added to the top of feedback list!


I’d like to see the program simply remember my last or a default sort option. I always sort by date and Asana always sorts by some other method, and I always have to manually go in and sort it by date - every. single. time.

If there is already a way to do this, my apologies, but how do you do it?


I am just onboarding my team to Asana and was shocked to find that I can’t sort by due date within another sort (project column or under assignee). I just want to echo others’ feedback that this is super critical.

When can this feature be expected? We are still in the trial phase and may need to continue looking at other options if basic functionality like this can’t be addressed. Can anyone recommend a task/project management program that has better basic features?


Our team would also love the ability to sort by priority and then due date!
When I’m looking at my upcoming (which sometimes blows out to over 100 tasks due the complexity of our work) it would be great to see tomorrow’s first, etc.


Please be sure to vote at the top if you want to see this feature! =)

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Hey David, you can do that for your my tasks view by sorting however you want then selecting ‘save for everyone’ (meaning this is how everyone sees your tasks view).

You can also of course change project sort defaults, but I think you were specifically talking about my tasks =)

Is it possible to view tasks by due date AND the incomplete sections of “today,” “upcoming,” and “later” wihtout manually having to put the tasks in due date order in each section? If not, could this possibility be added?


I currently view My Tasks in List View, sorted by Due Date. It would be great to also be able to sort by a second parameter, like Alphabetical, or Project. Is it just me or would this be really helpful? Any tips?

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Yet another vote for expanded sorting opportunities! For example: I love using due dates, but also like to see my tasks sorted by today/upcoming/later. It’d be great to be able to see both without having to _manually_put the tasks in due date order each time.

I agree that sorting by multiple criteria is essential for getting value from the data from a management perspective. This is basic “ad-hoc” reporting. You should be able to select as many criteria as desired, and select the hierarchy of the criteria to determine what the report looks like. For example, if I want to run a report from the company perspective, I might want to sort tasks first by team, then by project, then by status, etc. The order I select for the search criteria would determine how the report is presented.

It seems odd that this is not baked into the fundamental structure of Asana, because it is basic data management and analysis. Is that because Asana is not intended to serve that purpose? Is the core design to just manage tasks, and to export the data to another tool (like Excel) for ad hoc reporting? Are there user-friendly third party tools for doing that?


I also recommend an option for manual sort. In cases where several projects have actions items due on the same day with the same priority level, it would be good to have the capability to sort those actions items manually in the order that you want to work on for the day.

By default, projects are manually sorted (you can drag them around) - if the setting is to sort by “Incomplete”.

+1 for a primary & secondary sort request here. I’ve wanted this since I started using Asana 4 years ago, can’t believe its still not a thing!

Yes…please…need to be able to sort within items due on the same day so that I may prioritize and organize my day. Right now, I am having to do it manually, and that’s a mess.

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Adding another request for primary and secondary sorting. I’ve started to use custom fields for better control of which tasks I’m viewing.

And, while this feature is very powerful, it’s severely limited in usefulness if I’m not capable of initiating a second sort within the initial view.