Sorting in Asana

Same here - while unglamorous, further sorting options would be very very useful.

Alpha sorting would be huge for finding those pesky duplicated tickets.

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(Another) +1 for sorting, specifically looking for ordering customer search results by due date (soonest at the top of the list). Any news on this one?

Sorting tasks by due date (or other parameters) within sections seems to be such an obvious and helpful feature, especially when you have lots of tasks to manage.

It just seems weird (and not helpful) to have all the tasks at the top and all the sections at the bottom when sorting.

Does Asana have a time frame for the implementation of this feature?


Hello Peter,

your idea about forcing asana to sort by due date under each section is the feature I am missing the most.

Thanks for starting the discussion!


I vote for this as well, sort by this, then this, then this (allow for custom fields)

Would be great feature to have.

Is anybody from the Asana team still monitoring this thread? I’m surprised that it’s been a full year since the request was initially submitted, without any resolution.

Asana Representatives: If there’s an internal timeline for this fix, please share! Even knowing a general sense of when we could expect a fix would be helpful. Right now users who really want/need this feature to be able to continue using Asana (and recommending it to others) are stuck in limbo.


+1000 here - to be able to sort tasks in chronological order per project is a must have basic :slight_smile:

I can’t actually work out what the current secondary criteria is for sorting, as once i click sort by project all my tasks seem completely random. Come on team asana!

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I’m casting my vote for sorting by due date within sections, if votes actually matters. I see that this request was brought up more than a year ago, and Asana has not responded, as usual. Is it just my illusion or is this forum becoming a very handy list for Asana’s competitors?

FYI, Asana, my managers did not approve buying your Premium version because many of the features that we need, most of which have been requested by your users for a long time, are missing even in Premium and there are no roadmap showing that these features are coming. I fought hard for you but I could not say anything about those missing features.


I would really love to have Alphabetical order sort available in My Task section. It’s available in the project view, so I thought I would have access to it there also.

Thank you!

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First of all let me thank ASANA,
really it has made a BIG difference, w.r.t WUNDERLIST.
My full marks to ASANA.

Now coming to some of the basic stuff,
which made me disappointed :

  1. Reverse Sorting : In ASANA, sorting it is ALWAYS, lowest to highest or ascending order,
    be it NUMERICAL or ALPHABETICAL. And NO descending order sorting.

This is where my disappointment starts.

Very very small apps on ANDROID like, FILE MANAGER’s, have,
EXCELLENT and so many SORTING options, with reverse sorting in any order, you like.
Be it ALPHABETICAL or NUMERICAL or combined, they all have reverse sorting.

Even WUNDERLIST has excellent SORTING option.

Because of non-availability of reverse sorting, I’m forced to do all sorts of things,
which are NOT NATURAL.

  1. Sorting within SECTIONS : This is also not available. Again it is MANUAL

  2. Mathematical Functions/expressions : NOT available

  3. DATE FIELD : DATE as a field is NOT available.

There are so many requests on ASANA COMMUNITIES,
every body asking for the above,
why are you NOT implementing the same, on URGENT basis.


Has there been progress made on this issue? I loved seeing the new timeline feature. Would love even more to see this issue addressed. Thanks.


Bump @Alexis this seems like such a basic thing - to be able to see tasks in chronological order within a project. Thanks.

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Hi Alexis, are there any updates on this?

This seems like such a basic feature of a task management software. Surely, the tasks should be sorted by due date within whatever sections you have otherwise sorted by? Why would it default sort by anything else? The current state of things is very frustrating and I hope this will be addressed very soon.


Any updates???

I agree. I’m considering switching my team to an alternative task management software as the lack of a proper custom sorting feature is causing us daily headaches.

sorting withing section in boards is desperatly neaded, takes a lot of time to manualy drag things around

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I’m trying to organizing my tasks into date order within sections, but Asana organizes the entire project instead… Anyone figured out how to do this?

Hi @Lauren_Steer

You can’t currently sort within sections, but there’s a product feedback thread here if you want to vote for that feature:

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