"Sort by project" disorganizes my tasks (suddenly)


until last week, I used the following “procedure” to sort my tasks:
I did a search within the project and sorted “by project”(*). Then all my tasks and subtasks were shown in alphabetical order.

Today, everthing is messed up. The tasks are shown in a random order. What happened here?

Kind regards (from Germany)

(*) This is how I did it:
I went to the search page, left the search box empty and searched only within a certain project.
Within this project we use tasks with a “colon” in the end, which makes a big headline.
To each task we added subtasks, which in the “normal project view” have to be clicked separately.
With our procedure the subtasks were all listed below the big headlines for a perfect clear structure. Which is now messed up ;-(

Just one more thing: I know that there is no possibility to sort the list.
(Sorting in Asana)
Which until now I didn’t care, because the sorting results suited our needs perfectly.
Did something change overnight?