Sort or Filter Timeline within a Portfolio

I don’t show there is an ability to sort or filter the Timeline within a Portfolio

Hi @Jerod_Hillard :wave:t3:

Sorting and filtering options are available within Workload, but not on Portfolio just yet! I’m curious, what filters would you find useful in your Portfolio?

Hello Hello @Marie!

I see you can Filter in Workload by people and role but not sort. I love the addition of Timeline within Portfolios!

I think it would be great to sort Timelines (within Portfolios) like you can within Projects - alphabetically, start date, due date. How are projects in Timeline (within Portfolios) sorted currently? It would also be great to Filter using Custom Fields like you can within the Projects view of Portfolios.

Furthermore, are there plans to add the ability to Filter in Timeline (within Projects) by the Custom Fields applied to the Project?

I also think it would be really cool to show pinpoints of Milestones in Timeline (within Portfolios) because otherwise all you see is bodies of work from start to finish. Pinpoints that you could hover over would great IMO. This might be a separate #productfeedback to post.


Thanks for the additional insights @Jerod_Hillard, that’s super useful!

By default, the first project added to the Portfolio will appear at the top of the timeline, and all projects you enter after will be listed below.

I don’t believe this is in our near-term plans, but I’m sure this is eventually something we will look into. I’ll make sure to loop you in and update this thread when I’ve more news on this topic.

I love this idea!! Feel free to create a brand new thread for this feature request, on my end I’ll make a task for our team to consider for the next update! :slight_smile:

@Marie - I am just now getting around to re-adding projects to a Portfolio so they appear in the desired order. I am actually showing that the newly added projects are listed first; therefore, the first added project always remains at the bottom of the list from the Timeline view. Am I doing something wrong? I think it is much more intuitive (especially for a gantt chart) to have new projects added to the bottom of the list as you mentioned.

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong @Jerod_Hillard, but I can see how this is causing you trouble, specifically from the Timeline view where you can’t reorganise your project list! Sounds like a good opportunity to create a separate #productfeedback thread :slight_smile:


Sorting the Portfolio Timeline view would be useful. When will this be available?


When is Sorting in Portfolio Timeline going to be added?? I can sort in Portfolio Projects by different columns I add to the view, which then sections off projects based upon whatever the filter you have chosen is. You can see this at work in Portfolio Projects.

Hi @Sean_Hoster, I don’t have any update at the moment, but I’m closely following on this internally and will make sure to loop you in when I know more!

Thank you Marie. It seems like there is a capability already there at the individual project level to do some sorting. As a Portfolio manager who has multiple Teams to track and manage, having the ability to sort on a Team within the
Portfolio Timeline view is something that is really hampering my ability to make good use of Asana. Please keep me informed and do whatever you can to get this capability in there ASAP.


Additionally, the Sort function is right there in Portfolios in the Projects view. It can’t be that difficult to update the code to also include it in the Timeline view. Please!!!


I have to make a presentation on our Portfolio to my department on Monday, and it’s kind of embarrassing that the Timeline view is so disorganized. I’m going to have to use something else to present, unfortunately.

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@Marie I’m responding to this inquiry to hopefully get some fresh attention put on it. Again, it seems like the components to make this happen are already in place in other areas of Asana, so can the developers please put a little time into adding in this enhancement? Thanks!


This is insane. You guys seem to continue to always build features 90% of the way and then once launched, not incorporate the initial feedback quickly.

Having a portfolio timeline that is randomly sorted is almost useless from a visual perspective. YOU CAN"T EVEN DRAG 'n DROP the order of the projects on timeline like every other module!?! Please at least add Drag n Drop, so I can fix this mess.

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Also the project name is cut off so I don’t even know which project I’m looking at… and I can’t resize it. Come on guys…

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@Marie can we please get an update on this??

Seconded! Same issue, still not seeing a resolution. Pretty disappointing…

100% agreed. I’m tracking 50+ projects in a portfolio and am finding the Timeline view practically unusable because I can’t sort it in any way. I also wish there was a way to re-size the project column - seems like a fairly easy thing to do!

We also are badly in need of the feature to sort the Portfolio Timeline. Would like to know when this will be available.

I would also like to see sorting and filtering available within the Timeline section of Portfolios. We want to get an idea of the staffing levels for a date range across all of the projects within a portfolio. We have custom columns defined within the portfolio that allow assignment to the project by role and it would be great to group all of the “owned” projects together by that field.