Sections in portfolio list and timeline view

I’d hope section can be created in portfolio for List view and Timeline view.

I know we can section out the task in the List View by using custom field and then sort the projects using such custom field. However, in the Timeline view of portfolio, this sort ability is gone and we cannot divide projects into section anymore.

Sections will be super helpful for us as our leaders would like to use portfolio to have high level view of project’s performance and they would like to see projects organised by different category in both List view and Timeline view.

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Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Hi @Lan_Nguyen , thanks for sharing your feedback!

For Portfolio List view, you can actually simulate sections by sorting by a custom field or by one of the preset fields such as status or owner.

For example, if you have a Priority field and sort by that (by clicking on the column’s header) it will sort by the priority options (High, Medium, Low) and automatically create sections in your portfolio which reflect those options of your custom field, and in the order that the options are listed in your custom field also.

So you can try to create a custom field in your Portfolio, with the titles of the sections that you want, as options of the custom field and then sort by that. :wink:

Thanks @Richard_Sather I’m aware about the sorting using Custom field in portfolio, but it’s only available in the List View and not available in the Timeline view. I said that in my comment above as well.

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I’m looking for the same functionality - having the ability to see the TIMELINE in sections would be ideal.

I don’t think that this issues has actually been “solved.”

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