Sort or Filter Timeline within a Portfolio

Our team is having similar issues and need the ability to sort & filter on the Portfolio Timeline view. This would have huge benefits to my team and others as well based on the number of inquiries on this post. Managing large portfolios without the ability to sort or filter (especially based on Project Status) and reporting on these projects has become difficult without this feature. Even a drag and drop ability in the Portfolio Timeline would be useful. Please let us know updates on this feature as it is very necessary!!


Can we all get an update on this post from Asana? It has been a year since we’ve seen an Asana staff member respond to this post. Is there something else we need to do to get this enhancement added into the product? We’re seeing other items added, like the ability to share a read-only link, but I am uncertain if something like that is really as helpful for teams trying to use this tool compared to being able to better manage their portfolios. We need this now! Asana, please hear us and respond. Thank you.

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