Someone joins the team, and... your inbox is a mess

A new member joins your Asana account, and… your Inbox is a mess! This is what happened to us.
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We were lucky enough to find someone to help with our marketing, and we were eager to get started. We invited the person to a bunch of Asana projects and tasks, and got started. After a few days, my partner and I came to the same conclusion: our Inbox was overflowing with notifications, and we weren’t sure why.

Here’s what we came up with as an explanation:

  • a new hire is (usually) excited to start and enjoys how Asana works, they share a lot about what they do by using the comments, creating tasks…
  • they tend to use the Like button a lot
  • because they are starting out, there are a lot of back and forth needed
  • if they are not clear about who they report to, they tend to involve too many people as collaborators for example

Our advice, for next time:

  • make sure to clarify what the Like button is good for: show appreciation and acknowledge a message when seen. You can’t indeed like everything you see, acknowledgment is not always needed as it creates a notification every time
  • make sure to clarify who is their direct report, ask them to only notify them even if they involve others for a last review on something they did
  • but make sure they keep that fire burning and love using Asana!

Any other advice to share?

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