[Slack integration] Ability to poll Timeline view data into a Slack channel

I’d really love if your slack integration could grab a screenshot of 6 months of the timeline of a project. Having settings around this would be awesome.

I’m imagining in our team slack channel, I could type “/slack” and select “grab timeline” and it would return a screenshot that I can customize in asana. I’d want to be able to choose the project timeline, the amount of time shown from the roadmap, etc. Then this would return a clean screenshot of the timeline.

The reason I want this is so that I can easily share the roadmap with the engineering team. No one realistically logs into asana to view this. It’d be great to share this in slack directly as a screenshot.

Looking for a solution for #1, I found a product called ProductPlan that lets you input milestone markers. This was really cool to show on the timeline when our black friday code freeze happens for instance. Made planning much more visible, and helped me communicate “we need to get this done by X date, because look how close we are to code freeze” etc.