Can I post a screenshot of a timeline to Slack?

Hi all! I’m stumped. I’ve been asked to automatically post a particular Timeline into a slack chat once a week. Does anyone have a good idea on how to look into this?

Hi @Simon_Powell, thanks for reaching out!

As it stands, it’s currently not possible to send a screenshot of Timeline to Slack automatically. We have a request for a similar feature here: [Slack integration] Ability to poll Timeline view data into a Slack channel I recommend you to add your vote to support it!

I also checked the Asana + Slack Integrations using Zapier but I couldn’t find an option for Timeline.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Unpopular opinion: I’d say that automating something you do once a week and that takes 30sec is not always worth it.

Have a recurring task with a link to the project, take a screenshot using your computer, and post to Slack :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, very true! It’s not my 30secs, is the only reasoning, but yeah I think this is true…

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