Feature Request for Milestones

Since our projects generally follow the same procedure, we have set up a template with already defined milestones. These are great, especially in combination with dependencies. Two features or QoL updates would be great:

  1. Allow to filter for milestones in ‘My tasks’.
  • since there are multiple milestones per project, the ‘My tasks’ section gets quite cluttered with milestones, therefore it would be great if one could filter for milestones; even better would be the possibility to filter for due date, but keeping the tasks that have no set due date. Right now, it only shows tasks with a defined due date.
  1. choose what type of notifications get posted in a linked Slack channel
  • again in regard to milestones, I would love to get notified in the corresponding Slack channel, only if a milestone is completed. It’s really not useful if EVERY task gets posted there.

I hope these requests are not already posted somewhere, and would love to see them realized some point in the future.

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Hi @Editorial Welcome to the forum!

  1. Great idea for a feature. Be nice to have a rule trigger (if a milestone condition). A work around you could look at is having a custom field for task type in your projects and using that as a rule trigger in your my tasks.

  2. I get round this with the above either a custom field to mark the milestones therefore giving asana a trigger/identifier or a section called milestones and applying the slack channel rule to that section only.

FYI we have this rule trigger in our Flowsana integration. :wink: