Notification of tasks in slack based on the task start date and due date


I need to create tasks (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually, annually) in Asana and get reminder to a specific slack channel based on tasks start and end date. I also want a non-stop nudging every day until the task has been completed. How can I do this in Asana?

Hi @Sulabh_Jhamb, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! You can link your Asana project to a specific Slack channel and create custom notifications using Rules. You can find more information in this article: Slack & Asana • Asana Product Guide.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Hello, I think the list talks about using slack workflow builder where a task is created and gets pushed into Asana. My ask is rather the opposite. I create (manually) tasks in Asana with a trigger date (start date) and completion date (end date) and Asana then sends notifications everyday (or more frequently) to slack channel when a task has its trigger date started until either the completion date is over or the task is completed in Asana. Let me know if the question still needs clarification.

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