Milestones Are a Needed Enhancement

I find Asana very useful, the one aspect I find wanting is the lack of Milestones: These would be similar to Tasks, would have a Date, but would not be assigned to anybody, would not need a completion check mark (they would just roll off and auto complete), they would appear in the project view and in every project member’s MyTask view. These should also appear in the Team & Project Calendars.

Another way to look at them is Sections, with a due date, that are assigned to all project team members…
If Tasks could have their due date set relative to a milestone as an option that would be a bonus.
This would promote awareness for the team of the upcoming milestones.

We are an architectural consulting group with 12 members in 10 locations spread over 2 countries. We have 100+ projects active at any moment, with 2-5 team members assigned to each project in varying combinations, and where each team member is working on 20-40 projects. This broad situational awareness would be very helpful to us.


I’m not sure if this might help, @Curtis_Kasefang, but we use custom fields to track milestones. We have 8 vital milestones in our development process, and we have a project template split up into 8 different sections to match. Each task in each section is allocated a milestone through a drop-down custom field. It looks like this:

My Team Leader can then run an advanced search based around those milestones. For example, if she wants to see which business cases have been approved, she can search for all tasks associated with that milestone and instantly see which ones have been marked complete. She can also see which dates various milestones are due across multiple projects.

It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but it might be a workaround.


Thanks for the response.

We do this in our templates without the custom field.

Milestones are for us common deadlines for all project team members. We really need to keep team members informed of these dates - which have a real liquidity - in their My Tasks screen. My tasks is an important location because we all have so many projects and our teams are different on each project and My Tasks rolls up deadlines for the 20-40 projects we are each working on.

We work on the design and equipping of theatres - so we are in the architecture arena.

My team also needs milestones (stoftware company).
Custom fields are a temporary workaround, since milestones are more that a mere ‘label’ attached to a task. A Milestone has a targetdata and should inform the project manager about which tasks within the milestone are running late etc…


Not having milestones makes the entire workflow very confusing.

So you have tasks that you want to finish for a specific milestone/version, but you cannot filter them at all if you don’t use a roadmap value, having tons of tasks for the same topics without being able to organize them correctly in your timelines

Hello All,

I also agree with the fact that we need milestone object definition in Asana o link group of tasks assignment to specific objective with due date.

For the moment here is the solution i implemented. I created one section of tasks called: MILESTONES in which i create tasks reflecting the different milestones and then for each milstones “M… tasks” i create a section in which i can create tasks linked to the milestone.


Not the easiest way to work with milestones and Asana but it works.
Any comments are welcome.

This would be a great feature to add - Milestones should be different than tasks. They should show progress/percentage complete based on how many tasks are completed that are tied to that milestone. You shouldn’t be able to mark milestones complete, only the tasks associated with them and when all the tasks are complete the milestones automatically marks complete. Something more similar to Milestones in

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This would definitely be a great added feature!


Milestones are a necessary feature please!

Milestones would be extremely helpful to us as we track towards Release dates


Especially needed in timeline view.

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have to pile on here - we have multiple teams in Sections all working on various initiatives.
While it’s clear to see TODAY in the green line it’s really frustrating to have to have a ‘Section’ of releases that can’t be striped all the way down across other sections.

Yes, this would really be helpful, but I think one major point is missing; tasks should belong to milestones. They should have their own start/stop dates. I’m currently in a trial of Zoho Projects, and while Asana is much better looking and a more thoughtful design, Zoho really has this project/milestone/tasks hierarchy in a more useful state. This should then roll up to the dashboard function so you can see at a glance what stage each project is in.

Great news @Curtis_Kasefang, @Frederik_Smolders, @Thanatermesis, @Benoit_Demarets, @Justin_Dubrow, @Ian_Hartsook, @Melissa_Ouellette, @Sabrina_Jayabal, @Amit_K, @Josh_Polsky & @Kyle_Henderson

We released our newest addition to all premium plans; milestones! You can find more information in our product launch category post. Additionally, I encourage you to take a look at our blog post below, featuring our announcement and how we use milestones here at Asana!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to either create a new post in the use case category, or via our product announcement page.

Hope this finds you all well!


Milestones are now launched to 100% of our users, so I’ve gone ahead and closed this #productfeedback thread!

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