Announcing milestones!

I hear you Curtis, though I do think that the feature is a little more flexible than it might initially appear.

The purpose of adding collaborators to a task is to alert them when a milestone has been reached. Conversely, by default, project milestones will appear visible in timelines, calendars and project status updates for all members of the Project to see. You’re also able to build out multiple dependencies that are linked to milestones, which help alert people when they’re able to begin working on tasks after key milestones have been reached!

Milestones can be either be unassigned, assigned to a specific individual, or have copies created and assigned to more than one person in bulk! 48%20AM

Hope this helps clarify things just a little but more! We do thank you for your feedback @Curtis_Kasefang and are happy to pass your perspective on to our team to look at!


Hey @Jonny_MacEachern :wave:
The ability to include a “task completed fraction bar” is an interesting product opportunity I’m more than happy to pass on to our product team; thanks for the feedback!


Hey @Will.S :wave:
More than happy to pass this feedback on to our product team to review; thanks for the feedback!

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Perhaps you have the benefit of a pre-release version. I do not have the option of bulk copies.

If I had I would have gone out and checked to see if I have bulk modifications, because in my world (architectural design) milestones move and we will have to maintain those several copies of each milestone.

That said having multiple copies of the same item would just add noise in the context of a project.

Our project managers may be managing 20-30 projects with 4± members (unique sets) each, with 12± significant milestones. Doing the math assuming the average project is halfway through the difference between having a single milestone or multiple copies of a milestone is the difference in maintaining 150 milestones or 600 milestones. This is why we rejected using multiple copies of a task as a solution.

Yes, project milestones appear visible in project views, but at least in the Asana I have they are not visible in My Task views unless they are assigned to a person.

At least for us, it is not practical to have our users checking each project (they have 20-30) to see if a milestone moved. The milestone is only useful if they can see it in their task list.

Having our users subscribe to each project calendar would mean that they would be constantly having to weed through 100’s of tasks that aren’t theirs.

Truly it would be most useful if our users could see Milestones for all projects of which they are members in the My Tasks view.

I would think it would provide the most flexibility is one could choose to assign the milestone to nobody (in on task lists), to an individual (in that person’s task list), and to all members (in each member’s task list).

Please pass it on to the development team.


This feature is great as the way in which we use the platform means often tasks in a project are simply that, and not indicative of overall progress towards the end goal.

I would like to implement this across to multiple (hundreds) of existing projects (which have all been setup based upon the same template) by changing specific tasks within the project (but common across all projects based upon the same template) to milestones. I suspect I already know the answer to this… but is there any way to do this in bulk for multiple projects, or will I have to go into each project individually?

For completeness, I appreciate I can select multiple tasks within a project at the same time and change them in bulk (this is not what I am trying to achieve).

As a feature request, it would be nice to be able to show completed milestones as a percentage or fraction (% or #/#) of total milestones to be complete (similarly to how task progress is shown percentage wise, but limited to the milestones and discounting tasks) instead of just displaying the completed circles.

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Hi @Curtis_Kasefang :wave:t3: and thanks for sharing this detailed feedback with us! This is our first shot at Milestones, and we will definitely look into improving them in the future, so your feedback is very important to us!

For the record, you won’t see the “assign copies” feature unless you physically click into the Assignee field; from what I understand, this workaround doesn’t suit your workflow, but just thought I’d let you know! :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Just to let you know Milestones are now available to :100:% of our users! :tada:

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Thanks Marie.

I see assign copies. I also see I can select multiple tasks and change their due date, so that makes it a viable band-aid. Inelegant, but it works.

We are happy to speak with your development people is they want a clearer understanding.


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Hi James!

I would love to learn more about what you want to search for regarding Milestones? What are you trying to achieve here?

Mainly create executive report sorted by project with molestone staid only.


Now that Asana has rolled out the new way to add a Section and Milestone, they have removed the “:” as a way to designate a Section, which means all our csvs have to be updated. Can this really be the case? There’s no way to designate a section now via csv? Same for milestones. no way to predefine certain tasks as milestones in a project.

To me the purpose of Milestones is to keep team members aware of of important progress points in a project. To this end team members should at least have the option of seeing all pending milestones on Projects of which they are members.

The use of the project progress tab is very helpful for that.


You can see the last status of the project and milestones on the same page.

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Yes, if you are only working on a couple of projects.

Our people typically have 20-30 active at any one moment.

Inactive hide details for "Mickaël via Asana Community Forum" ---02/28/2019 06:03:52 AM---> To me the purpose of Milestones is“Mickaël via Asana Community Forum” —02/28/2019 06:03:52 AM—> To me the purpose of Milestones is to keep team members aware of of important progress points in a

In that case, I will probably use a tag “milestone” on milestones.
I will then do a search using

  1. In projects : select the 20-30 projects
  2. Followed by : your team member :slight_smile:
  3. Has tags : milestone

Then you can save this search in Reports and group milestones by projects as default view.

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Is there a way to hide milestones from a board? I just want to see them on the calendar & timeline…

Hi @Christine_Hill,

There’s no option to hide Milestones in board projects at this time.

Milestones were recently launched and I know that Asana’s product team will continue working to improve it. For this reason, I want to suggest you to create a new thread in the #productfeedback category with this report of yours, this way other users can vote for this feature request.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!


Is there a plan to sync only milestones over to a calendar feed? Our team likes to use a google cal for a variety of reasons, and currently syncing over ALL tasks to it, just clutters the calendar and renders it useless. I got excite about milestones, hoping I could choose to sync only milestones for important tasks over to a Google cal. Is this in the works? The use case is we are a video production company - and while there are a lot of tasks for each project, we like to track important dates such as shoot date, cut 1 due, cut 2, due, delivery. Currently we double handle it all but duplicating onto Google cal, but would be great if Asana would feed this over to for us - without the other 100+ tasks in between all those key milestone dates.

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@Stacey_Wiemers, As a workaround you could multi-home (Add to Project…") just the milestones to a separate project (say, “Milestones”); sync only that project with Google Calendar instead of the main project, and that might save you a little work.

Hope that might help,