Slack - Blocked integration


I am trying to connect my organization to Slack.

It used to be connected before but then suddenly no one got a notification on Slack anymore.

But when I try to integrate Slack again now I get a “Blocked integration” and another organization that I am a part of pops up. Not my main organization, but an organization for a client company of ours that I am a part of.

I am an admin at my company, so why does that not come up?

All advise would be highly appreciated.

This is the message that comes up!

Welcome, @ALEXANDRA22,

At the moment, authorization for integrations spans the full reach of your email address(es) in your Asana login, so if you are a member of multiple workspaces/organizations, an app any one of them restricts will restrict you from using that app under your email address in any other workspace/org.

The only solutions currently are to use another email login, unlink multiple email addresses in your Asana (if you’re using multiple email addresses in the first place) or get the admin to unblock the app.



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