Problem linking Slack and Asana

I am currently trying to use Asana in Slack.
Each time I am doing a command line I receive this message:
Hi @Brigitte, we recently released a new Asana for Slack app. To get the latest improvements to your Asana for Slack experience, please authorize Asana.
Learn more
With Button to Connect Asana to Slack
I then click on the button and get the message in my browser that Asana is already install.
I then click continue on this message and it tell me that I connect it successfully and to wait for a message in Slack. I never received this message and the connection isn’t working for me.
My boss install asana application in our slack team and it is working for him.


I’m facing the same problem. Any fixes?

Me too. Doesn’t seem to be a response as yet?

Same problem here. Does anyone have a solution?

I looked around and cannot figure out how to fix this. It works with everyone else in my company.

So I did some digging…

I created another user with a test account and followed the Connect Asana to Slack flow from this fresh account.

Clicking the link in Slack goes to here:

Then there is a redirect to here which is the missing dialog in your flow:

If I load this dialog in my real Slack account I get to the approve screen. However if I click Approve I get the following error:

Request is missing required cookie ‘integrationUserId’

I manually added this cookie using my test account integrationUserId cookie and I get an internal server error.

Now the app shows up in my Asana profile settings though.

However it still doesn’t work.