SLA Tracking - Is this possible?

Our team is looking to track bugs/issues and their SLA and make a report like the following.

Is it possible to setup a project and create a dashboard that can report the following.

Bug Triage SLA By Priority

Priority Outside SLA Within SLA Grand Total Outside SLA Within SLA
P1 4 4 100% 0%
P2 374 28 402 93% 7%
P3 20 20 100% 0%
Grand Total 398 28 426 93% 7%

Bug Triage SLA By Project

Project name Outside SLA Within SLA Grand Total Outside SLA Within SLA
Example 1 38 2 40 95% 5%
Example 2 3 3 0% 100%
Example 3 86 8 94 91% 9%
Example 4 2 2 100% 0%
Example 5 58 5 63 92% 8%
Grand Total 398 28 426 93% 7%

At the moment, there is no chart of type “array” or “table” in Asana. You need to use bar chart, pie chart… Your need will require an external dashboarding solution or rely on a collection of charts using the types below.

CleanShot 2023-05-17 at 11.24.02

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Thanks @Bastien_Siebman . We don’t necessarily need it to be visualized in this way. It’s more a question of how we can make these calculations that are based on status and date past due, etc.

Asana doesn’t really do computation. I don’t fully understand your use case but my intuition is that you need to use custom code to extract the info you need from the info you have…

@Seth_Sandler, I would suggest using our reporting functionality to track ‘time in field’ or ‘time to complete’ - if you combine that with your priority level, you should be able to report on this through the reporting tab. To @Bastien_Siebman’s point, we don’t have an array/table reporting in Asana (other than list view), but this might help.

Thanks @Alex-Lyons.

The basic use case is that we need to track and measure how fast we’re responding to bugs/issues that come in and we need to pivot the data in different ways. This is something that Jira is often used for, but was wondering if there’s a comparable in Asana.